Let’s make the world a better place, together. 


Good information leads to good decision making.

There's one thing we fiercely believe in, and that's the power of information. When it comes to the future of our planet, we want to empower and arm decision-makers with a 360-degree view of their information landscape, so that they can make impactful, well-informed, decisions. 


Meet our Co-founders

Jackson Cooper

CEO, Co-founder

Alec Lamb

CTO, Co-founder

Maggie Thai

CMO, Co-founder

Huda Abbas

CXO, Co-founder

The Beginning

Where it Began

JAMH came to life when four first-year students came together for the common cause of creating lasting impact.

February 2020

It's Time for Full Time!

Summer of Opportunity

We started working on JAMH full-time! We originally created a Fake News and Misinformation browser extension while in Platform Calgary's Summer Incubator Program.

May 2020


Sustainability is the Way

We pivoted our information translation platform to help consultants communicate complex data and information to clients in the energy industry. We were also admitted into DMZ Sandbox where we learned how to grow this strategy!

July 2020


Then There Were 10

We won our first customer, incorporated, and grew our team to ten! We also were admitted into League of Innovators LABS!

September 2020

Ready, Set, Go!

Closed Beta

We launched our closed beta! It's currently being used by several energy and O&G companies.

January 2021


Latest News

Many of those products offer the potential not just to move your